LITNET-2020: an annotated real-world network flows dataset for network intrusion detection.


Network intrusion detection is one of the main problems in ensuring the security of modern computer networks, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), and the Internet-of-Things (IoT). In order to develop efficient network-intrusion-detection methods, realistic and up-to-date network flow datasets are required. Despite several recent efforts, there is still a lack of real-world network-based datasets which can capture modern network traffic cases and provide examples of many different types of network attacks and intrusions. To alleviate this need, we present LITNET-2020, a new annotated network benchmark dataset obtained from the real-world academic network. The dataset presents real-world examples of normal and under-attack network traffic. We describe and analyze 85 network flow features of the dataset and 12 attack types. We present the analysis of the dataset features by using statistical analysis and clustering methods. Our results show that the proposed feature set can be effectively used to identify different attack classes in the dataset. The presented network dataset is made freely available for research purposes.

Article public available at MDPI Electronics 2020, 9(5), 800.